Water Rescue

Water Rescue 

Date: Thursday, May 20 
Time: TBA 
Location: Nørresundby Idrætscenter 
Address: Lerumbakken 11, 9400 Nørresundby 



  • Departure from Aalborg Busterminal (Area B)
    • Address: Kennedy Plads, 9000 Aalborg
  • Bus 1 towards "Grindsted"
    • 10 min., 4 intermediate stops
    • Departs every 7-10 min. 
  • Get off at the stop "Lerumbakken (Østergade/Nørresundby)"
  • Walk the last 630 m. 

Read more or find your bus here: https://www.rejseplanen.dk/webapp/?language=en_EN#!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H436534 

Lead entity: 

  • Nordjyllands Beredskab 

Age categories:  

Men    Women   
Age  Division  Age 
Open 18-29 years  Open  18-29 years 
Senior  30-39 years  Senior  30-39 years 
Master  40-49 years  Master  40-49 years 
Grand Master       50 years and over       Grand Master       50 years and over 


Men       Women
Individual   Individual



  • TBA


  • TBA

Tournament schedule:

  • TBA 


  • TBA  

Equipment and requirements: 

  • Participants are responsible for bringing own equipment used for the game.  

  • Participant can wear flippers and swimming googles.  

  • Flippers used should be approved by international lifesaving federation – max. 65 cm/25,6 inch. Only bi-fins can be used.  

  • Snorkels cannot be used.  


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting:  

  • On the competition day, each participant must appear for the final entry and verify the details of the game rules and team scheduling.  

Rules and regulations:  

  • There are 4 lanes in the pool. One participant uses 2 lanes and 2 participants swim at the same time.  

  • After putting in flippers/fins, swimming googles and wetsuit (if necessary), before starting, participants enter the lane according to the signal of entering the water, and touch the start line with only one hand and start by the start signal.  

  • Passing through the 3 obstacles in the water, participants move to the turning point.  

  • After passing an obstacle in the water, competitors must come to the surface of the water and pass the next obstacle. After passing the third obstacle, competitors lift the dummy in the water of next lane, return and touch the starting point.  

  • Competitors start from the lane 1 with obstacles installed, and use the lane 2, which is not equipped with obstacles, when returning with the dummy (see illustration) 


  • The organizer isn't responsible for any physical accidents that occur during the competition. Participants must take responsibility for any accidents 

  • Participants which have been drinking alcohol have not complied with these rules in accordance with the organizer, he/she shall be disqualified 


  • Obstacles in the water cannot be passed in succession without coming to the surface in between obstacles 

  • While returning to the starting point after lifting the dummy, the face of the dummy should be right side up.  

Lane composition 

  • The length of the lane is 50 m and the depth is 1,2-4 m. The dummy is placed on 4 m depth 

  • Lane: Obstacles are installed in the water and are located at the distance of 12,5 m, 25 m, 37,5 m.  

  • The dummy is 16 kg in the water, and 80 kg on land.  

  • No obstacles is installed in lane 2.  

Penalty time 

  • There is an automatic disqualification if the dummy drops after lifting 

  • If the dummy’s face fall into water, 10 seconds are added 

  • Objection is only allowed within 5 minutes of the end of the game.  



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