Date: Monday, May 17 – Wednesday, May 19 
Time: TBA 
Location: Aalborg Poker Club 
Address: Hjulmagervej 14, 9000 Aalborg 



  • Departure from Aalborg Busterminal (Area A)
    • Address: Kennedy Plads, 9000 Aalborg
  • Bus 2 towards "Universitetet"
    • 1 min.
    • Departs every 3-10 min. 
  • Get off at the stop "Politigården (Jyllandsgade/Aalborg)"
  • Walk the last 700 m. 

Read more or find your bus here:!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H436534 

Lead entity: 

  • Aalborg Poker Room 

Age categories:  

  • 18-100 years 


  • Game: Texas No Limit Hold Em – Freezeout tournament. 


  • TBA


  • TBA

Tournament schedule:  

Depending on the number of registered players, the tournament will be held as follows

  • 50 players or more: there will be two preliminary days of games – May 17th and 18th. Each day play will continue until there are 15 players remaining or until a yet to be determined chip-average is reached. The remaining players advance to the finals – May 19th. 

  • Fewer than 50 players: A one-day tournament will be held on May 17th - running from 9.00 AM to approximately 6.00 PM.  


  • TBA 

Equipment and requirements: 

  • TBA


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting:  

  • TBA

Rules and regulations:  

Rules of conduct for live poker tournament 

  • The tournament is led by a tournament leader.  

  • People under 18 years are not allowed to access to the game room. 

  • Threatening or aggressive behavior is not acceptable.  

  • Loud/noisy behavior is not allowed.  

  • Being nuisance is not allowed. 

  • Any infraction against these rules of conduct may result in penalty or exclusion.  

  • If a player is shown to cheat, the player will immediately and permanently be excluded from the game room.  

  • When a player is out, the player will inform the tournament leader.  

  • In the case of a disagreement at a table, a tournament leader is called over.  

  • The tournament leader’s decision is final in all cases.  

Tournament rules 

  • At any time, the tournament leader can make a decision, that they find most fair in the given situation; even of this decision is in violation of the written rules.  

  • If a card is turned during dealing, it must be used as the first burn-card. In the case that It happens twice, the entire hand is redealt.  

  • In the case that one or more community cards are flipped too soon, they are not used, but will be reshuffled into the deck. This is also true, if one or more players have already reacted to the prematurely flipped card.  

  • All chips must be on the table. It is not allowed to remove chips from the table. The highest value chips must always be visible. Chips must be outside of the gameboard.  

  • If a players bet/raise does not correspond to the verbally declared bet/raise, the verbal bet/raise is binding.  

  • Bets must be placed in front of the players cards. Refrain from throwing/splashing chips in the pot.  

  • If a player bets/raises outside of their turn, the action is binding, as long as all preceding players check. If they bet, the acting player is off the hook.  

  • String bets is not allowed. Players bet/raise either by declaring their bet verbally or by placing the correct amount of chips in front of their cards in a single movement.  

  • Without verbal declaration of a bet/raise, a single chip be considered a call.  

  • If a player is not in their seat when the first card is dealt, their hand is considered dead.  

  • If a player’s hand comes into contact with the fold-pile or another player’s cards, the hand is folded.  

  • It is the responsibility of the player to guard their hand. A folded hand cannot be taken up and played.  

  • Players are not allowed to show their cards to other players during play. If a player shows their hand to another player, the hand is dead.  

  • Neither other players nor spectators may be involved in an active hand. In the case of this, the hand is considered folded.  

  • If a hand is shown to a single player after the end of that hand, all players at the table are entitled to see the hand.  

  • Cards may not be removed, held under the table or otherwise be hidden.  

  • To win a pot, a player must show both their cards.  

  • If all players check in the last betting-round, the last player to bet must show their hand first, showing both cards simultaneously.  

  • In the case of a split pot, that cannot be dealt evenly between players will go to the player who sits first after the dealer button.  

  • When small blind is eliminated from the tournament, the dealer button in the following game is moved to the empty seat (where it would have been, had the player not been eliminated). 

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