Date: Thursday, May 20 
Time: TBA 
Location: Karolinelund 
Address: Karolinelundsvej, 9000 Aalborg 



  • Departure from Aalborg Busterminal (Area B)
    • Address: Kennedy Plads, 9000 Aalborg
  • Bus 14 towards "Universitetet"
    • 5 min., 2 intermediate stops
    • Departs every 2-15 min. 
  • Get off at the stop "Nordkraft (Østerbro/Aalborg)"
  • Walk the last 360 m.

Read more or find your bus here:!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H436534 

Lead entity: 

  • Petanque Nord 

Age categories:  

  • 18-100 years 


Men            Women
Single   Single
Double   Double
Mixed double   Mixed double



  • TBA


  • TBA

Tournament schedule:  

  • TBA


  • TBA

Equipment and requirements: 

  • TBA


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting:  

  • TBA

Rules and regulations:  

  • You can play petanque as singles with one player on each side or doubles with two players on each side. Each player has 3 boules in both singles and doubles.  

  • Boules should have a diameter between 70,5 and 80,0 mm; ideally made of steel and weighing between 650g and 800 g. The cochonnet should be made of wood, about 3 cm in diameter.  

  • Toss a coin to choose which team plays first. Any player in this team chooses where to draw a circle on the ground in which every player will stand to throw their boules. The circle should be 35-50 cm in diameter. Both feet must stay together on the ground and within the circle while throwing and until the boule has landed. 

  • Any player from the first team throws the cochonnet between 6-10 m from the circle in any direction.  

  • Any player from the first team then throws the first boule, trying to get it as close as possible to the cochonnet 

  • A player from the other team then steps into the circle and tries to place a boule closer to the cochonnet than their opponent, or to knock the opponent’s boule away. The boule nearest to the cochonnet is said to be “holding the point”.  

  • The players in the team that is not “holding” continue throwing until they place a boule closest to the cochonnet, and so on.  

  • When a team has no more boules to be played, the players of the other team throw theirs and try to place them as close as possible to the cochonnet 

  • When both teams have no more boules, you stop and count the points. The winning team scores one point for each boule nearer the cochonnet than the opponents closest. Only one team can score points in each round.  

  • The winners are the first team to reach 13 points.  

The Swiss System 

  • All participants are guaranteed the same number of matches. 

  • The tournament management decide the number of rounds to be played (depends on the number of participants). The rounds will be time-limited. It is the tournament manager who decide the time-limit and it will only be known by the tournament manager. 

  • Each round can start when the tournament program is official. The round will continue until the end signal is given. The current round is played when the end signal is given.  

  • After the first round winners play winners and losers play losers.  

In case of tie the following is crucial for the final placement 

  • Most match points 

  • Best score difference of all matches 

  • Most points scored 

  • Most match points in mutual matches 

  • Most points in matches 

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