Date: Friday, May 21
Time: TBA 
Location: Vestre Fjordpark
Address: Skydebanevej 14, 9000 Aalborg 



  • TBA

Lead entity: 

  • Sportsmakker

Age categories:  

  • 18-29 years 

  • 30-34 years 

  • 35-39 years 

  • 40-44 years 

  • 45-49 years 

  • 50-54 years 

  • 55-59 years 

  • 60-64 years 

  • 65-100 years 


Men            Women
Full   Full
Half   Half
10 km   10 km
5 km   5 km



  • TBA


  • TBA

Tournament schedule:  

  • There is no tournament schedule. The participants runs all against all, the best time will win.


  • The route is 5 km. Participants who will compete in the longer runs will run the same route several times. 
  • See the route here: 
  • Participants shall meet up dressed and ready to run in Vestre Fjordpark. However, there are a few changing rooms available in Vestre Fjordpark. 
  • Please place yourself in the starting field according to your expected time. There will be room for everyone - and you will get your net time, which corresponds to your actual maturity. 
  • Keep to the right if you want to walk, thus we can help each other keep the left track free for faster runners. 
  • NOTE in traffic. Remember there are others on the road. We have lots of volunteers around the route - but take care of yourself and others. 
  • In connection with the depot on the route you will also find a toilet. There is also a depot in goal with water, energy drinks and fruit. 
  • After crossing the finish line, please keep going forward so there is room for everyone. Further ahead you will find water, energy drinks and fruits as well as your medal. 
  • You will get you net time. It is the time from when you cross the starting line until you cross the finish line. Unless you expect to get a place among the top 10 on the distance, you do not have to put yourself in the front of the starting field to ensure the correct time. 
  • After the race you will be able to find results and print your official diplom. 

Equipment and requirements: 

  • Participants bring their own equipment. 


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting:  

  • TBA

Rules and regulations:  

  • TBA

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