Date: Wednesday May 19
Time: TBA 
Location: Aalborg Jiu-Jitsu og Judo Klub
Address: Konvalvej 22, 9000 Aalborg  



  • Departure from Aalborg Busterminal (Area B)
    • Address: Kennedy Plads, 9000 Aalborg
  • Bus 14 towards "Skelagervej"
    • 7 min., 3 intermediate stops
    • Departs every 30 min.
  • Get off at the stop "Bynkevej (Kornblomstvej/Aalborg)"
  • Walk the last 165 m. 

Read more or find your bus here: https://www.rejseplanen.dk/webapp/?language=en_EN#!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H436534 

Lead entity:  

  • TBA

Age categories:  

  • 18-100 years 


Men            Women
Up to 60 kg   Up to 58 kg
60-66 kg   48-52 kg
66-73 kg   52-57 kg
73-81 kg   57-63 kg
81-90 kg   63-70 kg
90-100 kg   70-78 kg
Over 100 kg   Over 78 kg



  • Max. 50 participants 


  • TBA

Tournament schedule:  

  • In groups of two, fights are best of three
  • In groups of three to five, fights are organized in a round robin style tournament. 
  • In groups of more than five, fighters are further separated into a number of groups, who will fight round robin. The 2 best fighters in each group advance to single elimination with repechage. 


  • Fighters are separated in groups by weight and gender. 

Equipment and requirements: 

  • TBA


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting:  

  • TBA

Rules and regulations:  

  • The tournament is held in accordane with the Danish Judo Union and IJF rules. 


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