Arm Wrestling


Date: Saturday, May 22
Time: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Location: Nørresundby Idrætscenter 
Address: Lerumbakken 11, 9400 Nørresundby 



  • Departure from Aalborg Busterminal (Area B)
    • Address: Kennedy Plads, 9000 Aalborg
  • Bus 1 towards "Grindsted"
    • 10 min., 4 intermediate stops
    • Departs every 7-10 min.
  • Get off at the stop "Lerumbakken (Østergade/Nørresundby)"
  • Walk the last 630 m.

Read more or find your bus here:!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H436534 

Lead entity: 

  • Arden Armwrestlers

Age categories: 

  • 18-100 years

Disciplines/weight classes: 

Men       Women
Right: 70 kg   Right: under 65 kg
Right: 70-80 kg   Right: over 65 kg
Right: 80-90 kg   Left: all weights
Right: 90-100 kg    
Right: over 100 kg    
Left: all weights    


  • TBA


09.00 AM - 09.45 AM       Enrollment and weighing
09.45 AM - 10.15 AM   Introduction of rules, positions, beginning etc.
10.15 AM - 10.30 AM   Warm up for athletes
10.30 AM - 11.30 AM   Competition women (first left, then right)
11.30 AM - 01.30 PM   Competition men (first left, then right)
01.30 PM - 02.00 PM   Overall women - right (strongest firefighter - women)
02.00 PM - 02.30 PM   Overall men - right (strongest firefighter - men)
02.30 PM - 04.00 PM   Competition will be open for audience

Tournament schedule: 

  • TBA


  • Arm Wrestling is a strength sport. It is a sport that combines strength, technique, endurance and tactics. 

  • After the competition the audience will get the opportunity to try arm wrestling against professionals and learn more about arm wrestling.  

Equipment and requirements: 

  • Only short sleeves or sleeveless shirts will be allowed during competition.  

  • Competitors are not allowed to use protection for elbows or wrists. 

  • It is not allowed to wear any kind of rings, watches, wristbands etc.  


  • TBA

Pre-competition meeting: 

  • Two professional arm wrestlers will make sure that all participants are informed about security and the rules. They will also inform the competitors about the right way to warm up. 

  • Weigh-in will take place just before the competition. If the weight is higher than the listed levels you will be moved to a higher level. 

Rules and regulations: 

  • Two athletes will compete to push the opponent’s hand down to a table where both athletes’ elbows are resting. 

  • The tournament will be held as “double elimination”. Double elimination means that you will leave the tournament when you have lost to matches in the competing arm.  

  • The groups for the tournament will be randomly made before competition start.  

  • In addition to a competition in each weight class, there will be an overall competition where the top 3 from each weight class will meet and compete to be the strongest firefighter for each gender.  

  • The rules will follow international standards (WAF). 

    The most important rules are listed below: 

  • Only professional referees will be judging 

  • International approved arm wrestling tables will be used 

  • The groups for the tournament will be randomly made before competition start 

  • 2 fails result in a lost battle 

  • Instructions from referees must be followed 

  • Possible mistakes will be introduced before the beginning of the competition 

  • The competition will be on a professional and certified table where both competitors will be standing.  

  • Both competitors grab each other’s hand and place the elbow on a pad. The competitors will grab a special handle (placed on each side of the table) with the non-competing hand.  

  • Competitors must hold on to this during the competition and at least one leg must be on the ground.  

  • A competition will always be judged by two referees who are responsible for the competition 

  • For at complete list of rules we refer to: 

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